About Us

G2’s mission is to improve the well-being of dental patients by providing safe, effective, and affordable anesthesia care to those who require intravenous and general anesthesia or to those who prohibitively fear dental and oral surgery procedures.

Scott Getty, owner of G2 Anesthesia, in his Army days

Who provides my anesthesia?

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA)

CRNAs have all of the needed qualifications and training to provide anesthesia to a patient in a dentist office. They fully understand each case and can adapt to many special needs of the patients. 

CRNA's provide efficient, high-quality anesthesia care while placing patient safety at the center of their practice.

Our team of highly skilled, board-certified nurse anesthesiologists proudly serve the Louisville, KY area and surrounding regions.

-Scott Getty, Owner

Our Dedicated Team

Dr. William "Scott" Getty


Scott completed undergraduate studies and served in the Army on active duty for four years. He cared for soldiers and veterans alike in the burn intensive care unit in addition at Brooke Army Medical Center Following he worked as an emergency room and intensive care nurse. Scott completed his doctorate degree in nurse anesthesia in 2017 at Murray State University. Since, Scott has enjoyed independent practice for in the field of anesthesia in hospital and outpatient settings alike in Oregon.

Moving back to the Louisville area in 2019, Scott saw the life transformations that anesthesia can facilitate, he wanted to be a part and broke away from the hospital setting. He has brought a very high skill level to our company with welcome new anesthesia techniques and patient care models. Scott represents the new direction and vision for our company and continues to be what raises the bar for anesthesia care in the Office-Based setting.

Scott enjoys wakeboarding, surfing, riding dirt bikes, shooting. More so he enjoys spending time with his family. His wife Erika also practices anesthesia and their two beautiful young children are their pride and joy.

Joy "Chrysanne" Moser


Chrysanne has years of full time service caring for our United States Veterans at the local Veteran’s Administration Hospital here in Louisville, Kentucky. Because of her qualifications and extensive experience, we are fortunate to take advantage of her services as well.

Chrysanne has caught the vision and mission of caring for dental patients who simply could not endure dental treatment unless sedated. She loves seeing how peoples lives can often be renewed in such dramatic ways through dental care with sedation.


We will practice anesthesia strictly adhering to our core values, keeping the safety, comfort, and relaxation of the patient a priority, and practice within the constraints of state laws and regulations for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Anesthesiologists.

Special Needs Dental Anesthesia

Sedation for Dental Anxiety

Mobile Anesthesia (Mobile Sedation)

Perioperative Consultation