The G2 Advantage

G2 Anesthesia Services can enhance your practice IV Sedation without you having to worry about the mountains of extra credentialing you would have to do on your own

NO Anesthesia Related Liability
NO extra credentialing.
NO required continuing education.
NO thousands of dollars spent on licensing.

Dentist Resources

New Patient Forms with Fee Schedule

Application for Sedation or Anesthesia Facility Certificate.

New Patient Form Non-Fee Schedule

GLP-1 Statement

NPO Guidelines

Marijuana and smoking protocol

Getting Up and Running

Site Survey

A G2 representative will first perform a complimentary site survey of your office. We will leave a list of items that your office needs to prepare for the facility inspection (Most offices do not need to do anything) 

BLS Certification

Compile a list of office staff who are current in Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.


Fasten a lock box to the wall or shelf of an interior lockable room to store scheduled medications.

Complete Application

Print the Application for Sedation or Anesthesia Facility Certificate available above. 

Once completed and notarized, submit the application and pay the $250.00 inspection fee to the KBD

Contact Us 

Once you’ve received your Facility Certificate


Frequently asked questions

Please reach out with any specific questions, we're always available!

How do I get started?

The bottom line is we make offering IV Sedation Services to your patients effortless. All you need to do is reach out to us to get started!

Can children receive anesthesia?

In most cases, no. Children need to undergo IV sedation or general anesthesia in a facility equipped for caring for children. IF your child is old enough (greater than 15 years old) and healthy, it may be considered on a case by case basis.

What supplies and equipment does my office need?

We bring all equipment, drugs, supplies and personnel required for us to safely administer in-office anesthesia.

What type of personnel do I need to staff my office?

Any personnel required to complete the procedure as typically carried out. No additional staff are required in order to have anesthesia performed.

To maintain my Sedation and Anesthesia Facility Certificate, is my office required to permanently keep all the necessary supplies and equipment on site?

No, as above, we bring all necessary equipment for every anesthetic. This ensures adherence to state and federal guidelines.

What limits do you put on patients regarding health status?

We follow and adhere to all governing organizational guidelines and policies from the AANA, ASA and state and federal entities as applicable. In general, patients must be an ASA III or lower, have no severe acute or chronic comorbidities that could be jeopardized by anesthesia. Additionally, a BMI of less than 40 is required.

What happens if an adverse anesthetic related event occurs at my office?

In the highly unlikely event an adverse anesthetic reaction should occur our highly skilled anesthetists will be there to handle any and all such care. We have plans and policies in place to transfer care to a higher echelon if needed.

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