Which is right for you?

IV Conscious Sedation

Conscious IV Sedation is effective intravenous sedation that relieves patients of disabling fear and anxiety. Conscious IV sedation may provide feelings of euphoria along with frequent periods of sleep. Most patients do not remember the dental procedure, but some do remember part or all of their dental procedure. Patients have little regard for the pain they experience. There is less risk for complications of Conscious IV Sedation compared to Deep IV Sedation and General Anesthesia.

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia renders patients totally unconscious. Memory or awareness of the dental procedure is very very unlikely. Some do not even respond to very painful stimulus. However, there are outlying reports that some do remember part or all of their dental procedure. There is more risk for complications of General Anesthesia compared to Conscious IV Sedation.

Ideal For:

Ideal For:

Conscious Control

The dentist needs me to be able to cooperate and follow commands like opening my mouth or turning my head while I am in a twilight sleep.

Health Risks

Patient health issues may place a patient in too great a risk for general anesthesia.

Patient Preference

Effective relief of my fear and anxiety with a probability that I do not remember the dental procedure is what I want. I do not want or need General Anesthesia.

Dentist Preference

The dentist requires me to be completely unaware, relaxed and cooperative due to the invasive nature of the dental procedure.


I just want to be knocked out— I don’t want to know a thing”, then general anesthesia is likely the best option.

Patient Preference

I want greater assurance that do I not remember or have awareness of any of the dental procedure. Numbing medicine does not work well enough for me. I may have an uncontrollable gag reflex.

You have a choice…


No longer do you have to deal with fear or other preventive measures from keeping you from the dental care that you want and need. Now you can ask your dentist about G2 Anesthesia Services’ Sedation, a very safe option with obvious benefits.


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